Credit Unions are in the community and of the community. Volunteers are at the heart of every credit union, and without their involvement credit unions would not be able to survive. One of the main successful aspects of growth within any credit union involves the number and parts played by its volunteers.

Volunteering not only benefits your credit union, it also gives you a chance to take an active part in a vital community service.
It might also be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to gain new skills or brush up on your existing ones.

What could I volunteer for?
There are volunteering options available in a number of areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Book Keeping
  • Committee Involvement
  • Business Experience

Appropriate training and support is provided and your involvement is really appreciated, especially by members.
Currently, our volunteers have completed 26 NVQs (in Customer Service, Advice & Guidance and I.T, levels 2 and 3), and three volunteers are currently working towards achieving their NVQs.

Please don’t be afraid to come forward and ask for more details – we are always seeking volunteers, especially as we expand across the county. As stated above, we cannot develop or provide the level of service our members deserve without volunteer help.

You could also find it is a very rewarding experience! Some of our members have gained employment through the skills they developed whilst volunteering for the credit union.

For more information please visit one of the collection points, or

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